Update # 4

New day and a new post.

18 Weeks ( the story I am working on) is coming along nicely.  I am reviewing each chapter carefully so that they will ready to post online.  My writing is far from perfect ( you’ve read my blog) and I’m sure there will be plenty of mistakes I have missed that will slip right past me.  They always do.

I will be uploading the story very soon and it should be online before the end of the month.

Happy Writing!


Update # 3

For a brief moment, I was suffering from a case of Writer’s block, but lucky for me, it turned out to be the twenty-four kind. Anyway I am doing good on my latest project so far. I went back and rewrote some stuff but it’s coming around. There was a minor setback when I had to rewrite a whole chapter but things are getting better now. I will probably have it posted online very soon and I will post the link if you are interested in reading it.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Blog Update

I’m taking a break from my writing to inform my readers about some changes regarding this blog. Everyone knows that writing takes a lot of time and effort. You are always editing, rewritting, etc, etc. Starting next week, I will updating with new posts every Tuesdays and Thursday instead of Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This is so I can concentrate more on my writing. I also have other projects that I have been working on that I will be sharing with you shortly.

Thanks for sticking around.

New Project # 2


I started a new project over the weekend and I thought I should tell you what is that I’m working on.
First off, I started this one back in April for Camp.
The story is called 18 WEEKS and it’s a M/M Romance. It’s about a young Writer who is trying to make a name for himself and he meets a man who he has a passionate love affair with.
When I wrote it, it had a little over 20,000 words and I wanted to add more to the story. I wanted there to be more to the characters’ backgrounds and the relationship between the two characters. I’m liking the new addition so far and I hope others will too.

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